Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The One First Thing

It's Wednesday. Of the next week after the last week that I wrote. Which can only mean one thing. That I've been busy. Well, it can really mean two things. That I've been busy and that now I have lots to write about. I don't always have lots to write about on the Wednesday of the next week after the last week that I wrote. But this time I do. And this is a good thing. Except for the part where I will have to be careful not to bury you with information overload. So I'm going to start with just one first thing.

And for today that one first thing is adoption.

It goes like this...

Last week my Gal Pal came to visit. For five days.

You should know that:

* She and I met a little over 16 years ago. At a church picnic. In Kansas.
* We met when I recognized her husband there. Because he went to my High School. In Texas. And then years later he unexpectedly showed up with his family at a church picnic. In Kansas.
* I am pretty positive that God moved my family from Washington to Texas when I was 16 so that I could meet her husband -  who later met her, and married her, and moved her to Kansas. Where I could meet her.
* We became instant friends.
* Over the last 16 years we have been through a lot together. And by a lot, that is exactly what I mean.
A. Lot. I will not give you the very lengthy list. But know that it includes videotaping the births of her two youngest children. And the amazing things she says while in labor.

Now it also includes divorce.
And adoption.

While my Gal Pal was here we had a chance to lend mutual support about these last two things. We laughed, we cried, we ran, and we ate a lot of really good food.

And I learned this about adoption:

* Adopting 3 kids from Ukraine is hard. Very, very HARD.
* When adopting children at risk there is an urgency that only a mother with a deep love and concern for her missing children can understand.
* The adoption process takes way longer than you ever plan or hope for.
* It's surprising who supports you. And even more surprising who doesn't.
* But every kind gesture, no matter how big or small, is profoundly appreciated.
* Sometimes the obstacles seem insurmountable.
* And adoption of this kind cannot be done alone. It honestly and in every way "takes a village".
* Each and every one of us can be a part of this village.

I've thought a lot about this. About how much I want to be in this village. And what I can do to be a helpful part of it from a thousand miles and several states away. So today, and scattered throughout the next many days... and weeks... and even months, if necessary, and all the way until my friend has her kids safely at home with her, I will do what I can. Which may mean bugging all of you about it through this blog.

So this is the other first thing today. A way I can help. And a way you can help.

On Saturday, November 3, 2012, in South Jordan, Utah, there will be a "Sugar Rush 5K for Charity " with all proceeds to benefit the adoption of my Gal Pal's Ukranian kids.

Like me, most of you don't live in Utah where the race is being held. This makes helping with this thing a little complicated.


I've come up with some things that you and I can do to pitch in:

1.  Visit Look around and read their amazing story. See if there is anything you can think of doing to help. Anything. Then do it. And pass the link along. Ask others to see if they can think of anything they can do to help. Anything.

2. Visit this specific link to find information about the upcoming 5K event.

3.  Pass this link along to anyone you know who lives in Utah that likes to run. Or walk. Or move. And encourage them to participate.

4.  Consider donating the amount of the required entry fee as if you were able to run it yourself. And then... Just Donate It! Bonus: If you don't live there you won't even have to get off the couch to be part in this way. And you can still feel really, really good about yourself. Because you made a difference to someone else.

5.  If you live in my town and want to donate and also run, let me know. I will be running a 5K on that same day, at that same time, in their honor. And I would love to have some running buddies. Really. I mean this. Text me, email me, message me, comment on this post, whatever. Let me know if you'd be interested and I'll take care of the rest. Including delicious post-run cookies and milk.

6.  If you do not live in my town and want to donate and also run, do what I'm doing. Donate, run in your own town in honor of this adoption, and gather some running/walking buddies to also donate and join you in your own race. Provide delicious post-run cookies and milk.

7.  Share. Share. Share. Because sharing is caring. And the best way to get the word out. And that is what is needed here. To get the word out.

So there you have it. The one first thing I just had to get out before I can get to the rest of the stuff I want to write about. But the one thing that I felt was so important that it needed to come first. I hope everyone who reads this will take a minute or two to think about it. And share it. And do one first thing about it themselves, whatever that may be.


  1. Kam, I love your ideas to help with the adoption goals! Participating in a good-cause 5K without moving many muscles, or breaking a sweat, or chancing injury (oh, the potential dangers of a 5K!)...revolutionary! I will send a check, walk a 5K on our country road, and smile all the while.

  2. Thank you so much, Lesli! You are wonderful and supportive in every thing and in every way. I appreciate you doing what you can here and hopefully it will inspire others to do the same. Love you!


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